Armand Rousso-How to Become a Social Media Manager

Armand Rousso is a Web Developer, Social Media Manager and Small Business Owner in New York. Armand Rousso is also recognized as a designer of Accoona, which is online business directory.

Social Media Manager? Isn’t that what I do every day? Just today I posted food pics of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Instagram, wrote a status update about my cat on Facebook, and pinned a picture of my DIY purse made out of duct tape onto my Crafting Style Pinterest board. People get paid to do this?

Well kind of, but not exactly. A Social Media Manager is a serious and important member of any organization or company. They are in charge of increasing the brand awareness and expanding the company’s audience.

How to Become a Community Manager or Social Media Manager

Social media buttons

  • Build a Community of Your Own

Before you can sign up client you’ll possibly need to have a booming social media presence of your own.

Create accounts on all the primary social media websites and acclimate yourself with blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization and graphic design.

If you can’t market yourself… you’ll never be able to market for others!

  • Find Clients

Finding clients is crucial for even the most trained social media marketing department.

Learn where your ideal potential clients hang out online then allot great content and start conversations that will drive traffic to your website.

You should also attend networking functions, conferences and other industry events.

  • Manage Your Time

Controlling accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, linkedin and other social media websites takes lots of time — time you can’t manage to waste!

I’ve been guilty of convolute aimlessly through my news feed for hours. Don’t do this!

The key is finding a system that works for you.

One of the things I strongly advise doing is build a social media calendar. Not only will a calendar save you lots of time, but it will help you stay standardized and always a step ahead.

  • Manage Your Money

One of the first questions an striving social media manager asks is:

How much should I charge?

And this is a difficult question to answer since markets vary from place to place and discipline to discipline. Start by finding out what your challenger charge to determine whether you should charge more or less than they do.

Also, make it easy for customers to pay by doing persist billing.

And sometimes a high-quality proposal can land you the job. Be sure your presentation looks good and is easy to understand

  •  Learn Advanced Marketing Skills

Most eventual clients will know the difference between good and bad social media.

You’ll need some advanced skills if you predict to stand out!

These advanced techniques include:

  • Optimizing YouTube videos with descriptions, tags, titles, annotations, etc.
  • Custom Facebook apps
  • Custom Twitter and YouTube headers
  • Knowledge of hashtag marketing
  • Knowledge of webcasts, Google+ Hangouts, email capture forms, etc.

Mobilize, Baby!

Today, a strong mobile presence is a must!

If customers can’t find and connect with you on their mobile devices, you might as well not even exist.

Make sure your website is fully functional on mobile.



Business-to-business search engine – Founded by Armand Rousso

Armand Rousso is serial business visionary and praiseworthy of authority. He is organizer of it’s a business-to-business web index and X3D Technology, which creates 3-D innovation for the web. Armand Rousso is additionally a specialist for high innovations. Directly, he is additionally occupied with stamp exchanging.


This Business directory conveys the most refreshed business data ideal to your fingertips. Its assistance to discover what you require, when you require it. Regardless of whether you’re hunting down a tasteful eatery, or a mechinist to benefit your auto, this company can help you locate the correct organizations to take into account your necessities.This company can limit it down for you! Essentially peruse through the site’s menus and classes. Overlooked the name of that bistro in a neighboring city? Simply indicate an area, and in addition the sort of that you’re searching for, and we’ll disclose to you where to go.

This business directory benefits all the critical places in the United States. Our expert references are invigorated every now and again, so try to ask for additional! This Company was a web organization having workplaces in Jersey City, New Jersey and Shanghai, China. Their primary item was a web search tool that asserted to utilize computerized reasoning to better comprehend seeks. On June 23, 2005, in the ABC Times Square studios, the AI Accoona Toolbar, driven by a Fritz 9 model, drew against the 33rd World Chess Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov. Notwithstanding conventional ventures, it permits business profile inquiries, and its mark “SuperTarget” highlight. Their selective association with China Daily, an expansive Chinese web entryway, was viewed as a very key move.The CEO of the company is Valentine J. Zammit, once in the past of all day, every day Real Media and Doubleclick.After IPO issues, This Organisation covered their entryways on October 5, 2008.In October 2008 the site page stated: “Dear Accoona look clients, Due to an overwhelmingly aggressive pursuit market, and will at no time in the future be dynamic. We thank you for your past support. Earnestly, Accoona Management.”Accoona Domains and Search Facilities is procured by Masterseek B2B Search Engine on October 30, 2008

Mr. Clinton appeared the previous evening at Tavern on the Green in New York as a component of the presentation of an Internet web search tool called Accoona. He represented around 10 minutes about the Internet and open strategy.


This motor uses computerized reasoning to “comprehend” the significance of the watchwords in your inquiry with an end goal to convey more important outcomes. Drop-down menus enable you to set some hunt parameters, for example, business sort and area; run a News scan for late articles, Business look for raw numbers, or a Web look for significant connections. PubSub is additionally valuable; it gives you “a chance to subscribe” to a specific hunt, after which the motor will keep on retrieving new data identified with your pursuit as it shows up on online journals, in newsgroup dialogs or in SEC filings, naturally reviving your indexed lists so they are prepared (a single tick far from the landing page) when you need them.


This business to business directory gives the pursuit innovation to the Chinese gateways and Sohu. They likewise shaped a 20-year restrictive organization with China Daily. Through this organization, with China Daily and its boundless Chinese associates, A directory expects 10 million hits every day from the generally secluded Chinese client base.

This directory marked a million dollar manage FAST Search from Norway to help improve their rankings.

Armand Rousso – A Great Business Impresario, Left An Impact On The Field Of Chess

Armand Rousso is one of the established businessmen of France. He is also known as Marc Rousso. Rousso was one of the acknowledged French entrepreneurs. He originated an excellent enterprise, a great search engine. X3D technology, one of the superior scientific innovations of the eminent personality.

Rousso’s E-commerce Revolutionary

From the beginning of Rousso’s business life, he was quite dedicated towards his enterprise. From his adulthood, Rousso was very passionate towards business. In 1980 he started an e-commerce enterprise, known as The International Stamp Exchange.

Armand Rousso appears to at all times be on the cutting edge of virtual technology.  This yearning for state-of-the-art technological improvements is deceptive when looking at Rousso’s contemporary project. It is known as Accoona.  Accoona is a scientific innovation relying on new artificial intelligence software which will deliver search outcomes in comprehensive and unique forms to accessible web searchers.

After selection to stimulus the e-commerce movement, Rousso turned his attention to 3D graphics and presentation and displays. Rousso assisted X3D to get off the field to become an active production syndicate of communicating 3D displays for clients and advertisers.

Armand Rousso As Chess Adhere

Apart from a business entrepreneur, Rousso was considered as an enthusiast chess player. Rousso has proved himself as an active chess player by collaborating with his own company X3D. He has played several championships with other renowned chess players. Armand has established himself as a significant chess aficionado. By team up with his business he has proved mettle in various chess events.

Armand Rousso – An Overview On Online Stock Exchange

The meeting of innovation and the lucrative stock market industry has permitted individuals to purchase and offer stocks on the web. This implies the stock merchant, who went about as the mediator in the stock market of exchanging procedure, allows the speculators to explore and to sit unbothered. More individuals are progressively searching for the best online stock exchanging alternatives because of different reasons and this is an awesome way of wage stream.

The developing ubiquity of stay-at-home employments has made online stock exchanging a doable choice for profiting from the solace of the home. Furthermore, the costs, which were brought about in employing the administrations of a stock agent, are additionally considerably disposed of.

These advantages can be delighted in completely when speculators pick the privilege of online stock exchanging stage. As much as there are such a variety of organizations that deal with exchanging choices; there are many exchanging organizations too that offer records that empower one to exchange stocks. In spite of the fact that these organizations have a similar target as a top priority they vary from each other significantly.

The primary thought to make while picking the best online stock exchanging organization is the reputation of this organization. There are a few ways that you can guarantee that an organization is most equipped for taking care of your cash. Utilize online entries that rank the fame and authenticity of the organization. It is furthermore vast to ask from kindred monetary professionals about the institute that they are employing to replace their stocks on the web.

The best online stock exchanging organization is the one that offers moderately low commission costs for a record. Keep in mind that the entire thought of setting out in web based exchanging is that it is less expensive; it disposes of the stock representative commission costs. Exchanging organizations have their method for profiting from the online business, and one of those is through the loan fees that are produced by your record adjust. Nonetheless, take note of that the web based exchanging firms that have greater entrenched brand names may have higher commission costs than their partners.

Online stock exchanging is both straightforward and complex relying upon the route apparatuses that an organization issues its merchants. There are numerous product projects and arrangements, and it can be very hard to utilize the devices in some of these locales. Pick the best online stock exchanging organization that will permit you to utilize their site in a simple and practical way. Unless you are astute about web innovation, stay away from the exchanging stages that are excessively mind boggling. Straightforwardness is constantly best.

At long last a decent stock exchanging organization is one that has a bunch of organizations whose stock shares, the merchant can purchase and offer. See that you are not confined in the alternatives of stocks that you can exchange on. It is imperative to instruct yourself forthright before you start to exchange stock on the web. If you locate the right training and learn stock exchanging on a genuine crucial level, you can start to develop fortune with certainty.