Armand Rousso – A Great Business Impresario, Left An Impact On The Field Of Chess

Armand Rousso is one of the established businessmen of France. He is also known as Marc Rousso. Rousso was one of the acknowledged French entrepreneurs. He originated an excellent enterprise, a great search engine. X3D technology, one of the superior scientific innovations of the eminent personality.

Rousso’s E-commerce Revolutionary

From the beginning of Rousso’s business life, he was quite dedicated towards his enterprise. From his adulthood, Rousso was very passionate towards business. In 1980 he started an e-commerce enterprise, known as The International Stamp Exchange.

Armand Rousso appears to at all times be on the cutting edge of virtual technology.  This yearning for state-of-the-art technological improvements is deceptive when looking at Rousso’s contemporary project. It is known as Accoona.  Accoona is a scientific innovation relying on new artificial intelligence software which will deliver search outcomes in comprehensive and unique forms to accessible web searchers.

After selection to stimulus the e-commerce movement, Rousso turned his attention to 3D graphics and presentation and displays. Rousso assisted X3D to get off the field to become an active production syndicate of communicating 3D displays for clients and advertisers.

Armand Rousso As Chess Adhere

Apart from a business entrepreneur, Rousso was considered as an enthusiast chess player. Rousso has proved himself as an active chess player by collaborating with his own company X3D. He has played several championships with other renowned chess players. Armand has established himself as a significant chess aficionado. By team up with his business he has proved mettle in various chess events.